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Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus Key Retail Global

Microsoft Office is one of the classic productivity tools businesses, and individuals use for work, thanks to its intuitive interface and easy topbar where you can find all you need. Released in 2021, Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus edition brings a reworked version that includes many new features.

For instance, besides office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, this classic suite also features Publisher and Access.

Faster, lighter, and more intuitive – that’s how you can describe the new Microsoft Office. You won’t need much time to get used to it, especially if you’ve used the Microsoft Office Home Edition before this one.

And now, with the integration with Microsoft 365, the Microsoft account, and Teams that help you connect with others while using an internet connection, you can stay even more productive when working individually or collaboratively.

So, let’s start digging into what’s new on the latest Office Professional 2021 and how it can benefit your work life.

Productivity For SME Businesses

Microsoft products – the classic apps and the rest – have something in common, they help grow small businesses.

And when you use the 2021 Professional Plus edition, you have more freedom to develop your tasks easily and efficiently.

Let’s say that you need to complete a report, a database, or a budget. You can use the Excel worksheet to come up with calculation results in a matter of minutes. With this spreadsheet program, you can also arrange elements or find a specified item.

Each of the other apps you install helps you improve your productivity. For example:

  • Word: Provides a solid text editor where you can write documents, articles, contracts, and other essential files.
  • PowerPoint: You can create the best presentations compatible with multiple platforms thanks to the Presenter Video Recording and Ink Recording attributes.
  • Publisher: You can build advertising documents for your business—from triptychs to more complex files like newsletters or cookbooks.
  • Outlook: This gives you email client software where you read, create, edit, and control your emails from customers or work. You can also add more than one account.
  • Access: You gain compatible data management software where you can use relational databases and manipulate them to create reports or get statistical answers.

With all these tools and Microsoft support, you will have everything you need to work on your business.

New Version, Better Visuals

Just as the glow-up Windows PCs got with Windows 11, screen readers, data workers, and presenters got new visuals thanks to the latest update from Microsoft Office 2021.

The new Microsoft Office products presentation is a cleaner, minimalist, and smoother version than the previous ones. The suite adapted the rounded corners from Windows 11 to help keep the user experience.

Topbars from the classic Office apps plus Outlook have gotten a rework as well. You can now find your tools easier while losing less time.

Instant Search

The Instant Search function is an Outlook feature that allows you to find any information faster than ever. It works great on mobile devices or when you have too many emails in your inbox.

Now, there’s also a new Find tool on each app that works the same in case you have too much information.

Dynamic Arrays

In Excel, an array is a formula that returns a set of values. It has always existed back in the day, but now, the Dynamic Arrays feature has changed it all.

With this new function, you can repeatedly use the same formula to work in your spreadsheet. This way, you can save time and control how you run your formulas for Excel’s workbook.

Xmatch and Xlookup Functions

There are two new functions in Excel.

  • Xmatch Function: This first function allows users to find an item in an array or a range of cells. If the formula finds the value, it returns the item’s relative position in your selected range.
  • Xlookup Function: You can use this function to find an item in a whole table or set of rows. If the formula finds an item based on the criteria you set in the formula, it will return the first item it finds.

These two formulas can help a student find a result or a business accountant retrieving the error in a report he made.

PowerPoint’s Record Slide Show

Among many new features, the Record Slide Show is one of the essentials.

This feature allows you to use PowerPoint as a platform to record your presentations. You can capture your voice, ink gesture, video presence, and more to deliver a better presentation than ever.

After you have created the presentation, you can also print it in case the video has an issue. This is sheer development and an important upgrade for all those presenters that needed better programs to make their slides.

Multiple Languages Supported

Microsoft Office Professional Plus has multiple compatible versions in a single .exe file. This is what is called multi-language software.

That said, you can get a Microsoft license, download, install it, and then pick a language for all programs. All its services and feedback will also be in the selected language.

Co-authoring Collaboration

Just like Windows 11 is focused on gaming experience, Microsoft Office Professional 2021 edition is centered on collaboration.

Thanks to its integration with Microsoft 365, you can now work with your colleagues in the same document and see their changes in real time. You can store documents in the cloud instead of occupying hard disk space, and open them on your phone, desktop, Mac, or any device in the world that accepts MS Office without other feature requirements.

This co-author integration doesn’t work on pirated software. So, if you’re looking for a better working experience, you should consider the slight extra cost of having a legal license.

Internal Chat To Improve Performance

With your purchase and the collaborative tools, it also comes with an internal chat on each of the apps to help you keep in touch with your team.

You can do this to keep track of your work, solve questions, leave a website link with information, etc.

Integration With Microsoft Teams

If you want speed in your business or teamwork, integrating Microsoft Teams with Outlook will allow your company/entrepreneurship to march faster than ever.

Your email client allows you to create meetings, schedule important dates and set up tasks easier than ever while you remain productive.

OneDrive Cloud Storage

We can say that 2022’s most useful tool has been cloud storage. The possibility of having your files located on an external server and access them from tablets, mobile phones, desktops, laptops, etc., it’s mesmerizing.

You can integrate Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus to OneDrive storage, follow a few instructions, and then start saving your files externally.

Office 2021 Professional Plus Key Features

  • Laser Pointer Recording.
  • Compatible with OpenDocument format and other types of files.
  • Access Microsoft Support Included in your License.
  • Lifetime purchase for 1 PC.
  • Interactive chat with comments, questions, and communication with your co-workers.
  • Integration with Microsoft services.
  • Fast searches when finding information.
  • Better design and layout.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, or better.
  • 2-core processor with 1.1 GHz or faster.
  • 4 GB RAM.
  • Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX 9 or later, with WDDM 2.0 or higher.
  • 4 GB of free hard disk space
  • 1280 x 768 screen resolution.



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Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus Key Retail Global

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus Key Retail Global