Wooting 60HE



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Wooting 60HE


My movement is off… Perhaps my response is too slow… Or is my muscle memory slipping… stop – no more excuses. Take control with the Wooting 60HE and unleash the best in you.

Full motion analog

Master of input speed

Small form factor

Analog input unleashed

The Wooting 60HE detects full switch motion with 0.1mm accuracy from start to end. Every single key outputs an analog signal that can be used for numerous features that enhances your typing and gaming experience. There is no compromise to be made in what a regular ol’ keyboard might have to offer. Welcome to the future.

Built for performance

You need the fastest possible input delivered consistently without fail. Not just eye-blinding RGB and dissuasive promises. This is how we deliver you the fastest possible input.

Programmed for the fastest input
We built the keyboard firmware from the ground up, optimized for input speed. Turn on Tachyon mode to prioritize keyboard scanning over useless RGB effects. The 60HE will update every analog key position in less than 1ms, every 1ms.

Engineered without compromises
Traditional keyboards adhere to cost saving matrix scanning and hide the negative impact on input speed using dissuasive marketing. The Wooting 60HE reads the individual keys and parallel scans them for the lowest possible latency.

Input speed



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